Exclusive Event at Kawader Training Center.

Wing Chun Self-Defense Course (2 Months).
Learn how to Safe Yourself easily and to fight without fighting.
Under the supervision of:
* Sifu: Dr. Ali Maher (30 years experience for all self-defense martial arts).
* Sifu: Mahmoud Samy (25 years experience for all self-defense martial arts).
* They are the only Certified Trainers in Egypt who teach Yip Chun (Son of Yip Man – Bruce Lee’s Teacher) Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is one of the most effective self-defense martial arts.
Wing Chun is the easiest & strongest self-defense ever, which uses only hands for defense and attack without any effort.
It is applicable for all age levels (Kids – Boys – Girls – Men – Women – Seniors).

We will have different training groups, as follow:
* Group One: for Kids (5 – 10 years old).
* Group Two: for Boys & Girls (10 – 20 years old).
* Group Three: for Boys & Girls (20 – 40 years old).
* Group Four: for Men & Women (40 – 60 years old).
Each group will have not more than 20 participants.

The trainee will get a signed certificate from Sifu Dr. Ali Maher & Kawader Training Center.
The certificate could also be certified (upon request) from: Unesco, Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hurry up and book your seat.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

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