IELTS Course Preparation

The program is an excellent choice for learners to obtain high scores on the IELTS.
This course provides ample activities to enhance learners’ language abilities and expand their language proficiency.

The program helps learners develop their listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in preparation for the IELTS.

Learners practice test-taking strategies to help them reach their IELTS score goal.

Learners are prepared specifically for the listening and speaking modules, as well as the academic reading and writing components.

Mini-tests are administered throughout the course to track the learners’ progress. Participants are given the opportunity to practice and integrate the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Learners are exposed to a variety of spoken accents, practicing with presentations and interactions in a variety of situations, reading extracts from books and course materials, and writing a variety of texts that range from note taking to complete essays.

Classroom practice focuses on enhancing strategies for answering timed test questions accurately, understanding spoken and written communication, and producing written and spoken English appropriate for different tasks.
The main objective:-
This course is designed to improve English Language to enable learners to deal effectively with the needs of the competitive job market. It includes the main functions of English language which mainly deal with speaking, reading, listening and writing.
The Methodology:-

The learner will deal with different tasks during each level of the English course which basically focus on role plays, group discussions in class, and assignments in class, meeting with a native speaker, take home tasks and final exam.
Both hard copies and soft one will be used to enable learners adapting with the course.
The outcomes:-

1.Learner will be able to express his/her views in an accurate manner

2.Learner will be able to communicate with native speakers

3.Learner will able to improve his/her writing style

4.Learner will be able to understand different types of situation both at work and in daily life

5.Learner will be able to read and understand the main ideas of articles and newspapers

6.Learner will be able to identify the main ideas of different listening types

The duration:-
The English course has 12 level. Each level will take 6 Weeks include 2 times per each Week. The time of each session will be 3H. The total credit of the course will be 36H.

The requirements:-
Each learner has to sit for a place test to assess his/her English level based on three main components include; Listening, Reading and writing.

كــــــــــــوادر مـــصـنـع الكـــــوادر المـــصــــرية
لو أنت كادر … أنضم لكوادر
لو عاوز تبقي كادر… أدخل كوادر

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